2020 COVID-19 Relief Campaign



Bolivia has been one of the hardest-hit countries in the region due to COVID-19. It was amid political turmoil when the pandemic hit, and due to its weak healthcare system coupled with poor infrastructure, its mortality rate is among the worst in the world. This situation called for urgent aid.

              The Australian Bolivian Association launched its COVID-19 Relief Campaign on 30 April 2020 to help aid healthcare workers across Bolivia. To this date and thanks to the contributions of our donors, our organisation has raised $6770.72, which has allowed us to purchase and donate personal protective equipment, oxygen devices, prone position mattresses and medication to hospitals across Bolivia. Thanks to our local volunteers, our donation kits have reached public hospitals in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Trinidad, Cochabamba, El Alto, La Paz, Potosí and the Qhara Qhara Indigenous Nation in Chuquisaca. 

The Australian Bolivian Association’s COVID-19 Relief Financial Report can be found here.

Below is a summary of the deliveries made to hospitals across Bolivia:

San Ramón Nursing Home – ACHUMANI, LA PAZ

On 11 November, the Australian Bolivian Association donated 140 KN-95 face masks to the age care facility “San Ramon” in Achumani, La Paz. This donation was received by the director, Mother Irma and delivered by the supplier, David Quino.

Hospital Daniel Bracamonte – POTOSI

The Australian Bolivian Association donated 50 face shields, 100 KN-95 face masks, 50 biosecurity coveralls, and 2 kits including humidifiers pressure gauges and nasal cannula, to Potosi’s Daniel Bracamonte Hospital on 15 September 2020. This donation was delivered by Dr Norma Pimentel and Dr Marcela Bernal, committee members of Potosi’s Association of Professional University Women. It was received in the hospital by Dr Juan Zelaya, Lic Roxana Quispe and their team.

Qhara Qhara Indigenous Nation – CHUQUISACA

Qhara Qhara Indigenous Nation leader, Samuel Flores, received the Australian Bolivian Association’s donation on 8 September 2020. Our contribution included 2 oximeters, 2 thermometers, 50 KN-95 face masks, 5 biosecurity coveralls, 20 safety glasses, 20 face shields, 6 boxes containing masks, 2000 paracetamol tablets and 400 ibuprofen tablets. These items were delivered by local volunteers, Roberto Munoz Torres and Mayra Alejandra Cortes. 

Hospital de clínicas – LA PAZ

The Australian Bolivian Association donated 20 biosecurity coveralls, 20 face shields, 20 safety glasses, 50 KN 95 masks and 2 oximeters to the Hospital de Clínicas in La Paz. This donation was received by the hospital’s director, Dr Oscar Romero Ayllon and was picked up and delivered by our local volunteers, Dr Ingrid Wilde and Jessica Bretel on 8 September 2020. 

Hospital del Norte – EL ALTO, LA PAZ

Our organisation donated 3 prone position mattresses and 5 biosecurity coveralls to Hospital del Norte, located in El Alto, La Paz on 15 July 2020. This donation was received by Dr José Antonio Viruez and his team and was delivered by prone mattress supplier, Santiago Cocarico. 

Hospital Germán Busch – TRINIDAD, BENI

The Germán Busch Hospital in Beni’s capital, Trinidad, received 23 biosecurity coveralls, 90 N95 face masks, 20 safety glasses, 32 face shields, and 10 face masks from the Australian Bolivian Association. This donation was collected by the hospital director, Dr Victor Vaca and delivered by a local journalist, Ginacarina Hurtado, on 6 June 2020. 

Hospital Pampa de la Isla – PAMPA DE LA ISLA, SANTA CRUZ

In Pampa de la Isla, a township in Santa Cruz, our donation was delivered by Paolo Garcia of AVEI Brigades and received by the director of the local hospital, Dr Fernando Becerra. He received the 20 biosecurity suits for the hospital on 26 May 2020.

Hospital Municipal de Montero – MONTERO, SANTA CRUZ

Our 20 biosecurity coveralls donation was received by Alfonso Gumucio Reyes Hospital director, Dr Jhonny Guzman. The delivery was made possible thanks to AVEI Brigades on 22 May 2020.

Hospital San Juan de Dios – SANTA CRUZ DE LA SIERRA

AVEI Brigades’ volunteer, Paolo Garcia, delivered the 30 biosecurity suits to Hospital San Juan de Dios on behalf of the Australian Bolivian Association on 21 May 2020. This donation was received by the hospital’s director, Dr Marcelo Cuellar. 

Hospital Viedma – COCHABAMBA

Australian Bolivian Association donated 20 biosecurity coveralls to Viedma Hospital. These were delivered to Dr Rosario Castro, director of the Hospital’s Department of Infectology by Manos de Vida’s volunteer, Lorena Galindo on 21 May 2020.

    Hospital del Sud – COCHABAMBA

    Dr Alfredo Mendoza received 10 biosecurity coveralls donated by the Australian Bolivian Association and also delivered by Lorena Galindo of Manos de Vida on 21 May 2020.

      The Australian Bolivian Association is truly grateful with Brigadas AVEI and Manos de Vida, who helped to locally distribute our donations and Bolivia TV, ATB, Sitel and RTP for the news coverage.