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The Australian Bolivian Association aims to strengthen professional and cultural ties between Australia and Bolivia while empowering our community through collective educative and philanthropic action.

Somos21 is a not-for-profit organisation promoting greater connection and collaboration between students, early career professionals and career changers across Australia and Latin America. This social enterprise delivers impact across 3 key spheres:
  • Personal: Positive relationships and a sense of belonging and purpose at an individual level.
  • Professional: Strong human capital flows between Australia and Latin America.
  • Social: Social and economic development in disadvantaged communities of Australia and Latin America.

The honorary consulate of Australia and New Zealand has a mission to unify all Bolivians by promoting culture and social ties.
Working along with the Bolivian embassy in Canada, we help with the paperwork and documents necessary for passports, identity cards, police records, and others.

We’re working firm for the good future of our community.

  • The Embassy of the Plurinational State of Bolivia in Ottawa is the diplomatic mission of Bolivia in Canada. Due to its cultural and language ties with other English-speaking countries, it is also concurrent with Australia and New Zealand. 
  • The embassy overlooks foreign affair matters between government officials. The embassy’s consular section assists civilians in the hosting country with internal matters and offers services to local citizens, mainly Bolivian nationals, living in these three countries.

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